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Planting Ramps in My Forest Garden


Spring is edging to life in Central Alabama. The Ramps I planted last week are coming up! Ramps are not that thing you drive your wheelchair up, but instead a shade-loving edible plants with a taste like onions. I ordered 10 ramps from Pine Tree Gardens http://www.superseeds.com/ and they arrived in the mail in a padded envelope, ready to be planted.


After researching them carefully in my literature which included Vegetable Literacy by Deborah Madison which included several delicious sounding recipes and a beautiful photograph. Then I looked in Edible Forest Gardens by Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier http://www.edibleforestgardens.com who wax ecstatic over ramps in multiple places in their 2 volumes, so I looked up all the references and studied the best way to plant my ramps. They like moist woodland soil, which we have plenty of, so I selected 2 spots near our house, one in the front circle, and a spot beyond the deck in the back yard. You can eat both leaves and roots, but until your patch is well established, you will probably only want to taste the leaves, as you want them to spread.IMG_2811

I planted them in the moist soil with a bit of my special composted horse manure that my friend Beth kindly allowed me to haul away. In the hole I added a half teaspoonful of mycorrhizal inncoulant which is a fungus that stimulates plant roots to grow. You can buy it from Amazon look up Xtreme Gardening Mykos. At my Spiral Ridge PDC http://www.spiralridgepermaculture.com/ we called it Magic Sprinkle Powder and we put it on the roots of all the things we planted.

What have you planted in your Garden this year? Or maybe it is still too soon…what will you plant?