My First memory of the world around me came from when I was about 2 and I was snuggled between my parents in a giant flannel zip-together sleeping bag staring at the night sky in Yellowstone Park. I have had an awe of nature ever since. I could spend hours staring at the ants or climbing a willow tree.

I loved that first Earth Day in 1970 when we were going to save the earth…I joined Students to Save our Environment, we started Recycling in our little town, I went to College and studied Environmental Toxicology…I got married and had illusions that I would find a job in this New field, but no jobs were to be found near Army bases, where my husband was working. I worked as a science teacher and got totally buffaloed by a bunch of 6th graders, so I got pregnant and started another generation.

Meanwhile, we got transferred to Germany, and while there, I looked around for something to do and worked as a volunteer in the Pharmacy… it was related to environmental toxicology instead of Toxic Chemicals in the environment, it was Toxic Chemicals in the human body. I went back to school to be a pharmacist filling vials of chemicals to help people with various diseases, but always with a cost.

As Paracelsus, the father of Toxicology said in 1536…”All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.”

So I have a new understanding of humans and the world we live in… How can we live in it and use it to feed, cloth and shelter ourselves without poisoning it and ourselves to death?

So everything is now a question; what is the least toxic way to grow food, eat things, wash clothes, build houses, and provide energy for all our needs without totally destroying this amazing place we live in. Up to now we have not done a good job, but the planet has many ways of healing itself, so perhaps there is hope for the future. I continue to hope and love my piece of the planet and my family and friends. Permaculture is a hopeful piece of that possible future.
Prattville, Alabama, USA

A grandmother interested in permaculture and good health especially medicinal herbs, fresh organic food, running, yoga and meditation


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  1. Weren’t we blessed to live in Idaho and visit Wyoming in the days when it was still relatively untouched by the world. When you were born the state had only 400,000 people and they were thinly spread across a lot of beautiful land.


  2. Kathy, I am going to Montgomery in mid February to check out the area and start planning to buy my retirement property there. I have a friend who lives in the area and who is going to show me around. I would love the opportunity to visit your farm and to network with other permies in the area. I probably won’t be able to actually retire for another 6 years but I plan to try to buy late this year and commute whenever possible. You can see examples of my profile and a little about who I am on Facebook and at permies.com. Thanks, Jeanine Gurley


  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I too have hope for our future. Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing is taking place all over this planet. You are part of it and so am I. Keep fighting the good fight lady! 🙂 ❤ ❤


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