Dr Quinn Medicine Woman

Dr Quinn Medicine Woman When people find out my name is Quinn and I am a pharmacist, they say “Oh like Dr Quinn Medicine Woman”… Well not quite, my real name is not Jane Seymour and I did not star in a TV show…

But I have thought about it a lot. I have thought about the degree that entitles you to be call Doctor. You see I have a bachelor of Pharmacy degree which you completed 5 years of college to obtain. The year after I graduated (1990) all other graduates got that PharmD degree in 6 years and could called Doctor. But since I only completed 5 years , I would then have to go back for 3 more years and pay about $30,000 to obtain that title. If I had received that title I could expect only a modest pay increase, so would I have earned back my investment?

Now as I contemplate my next move, I am very interested in plants as medicine, and food as medicine so I think I will pursue more education in the more informal world and take classes in herbal medicine to add to my “formal” education. Big Pharma is not doing very well at keeping up with good healing, they are more interested in stringing the American Consumer along than providing healing medicine.

A nod to my fellow blogger for a great video series about Goldenseal- a woodland plant with powerful antimicrobial properties. It looks like a wonderful plant for the future without antibiotics…see forest farming at


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