The Permaculure Prime Directive

January 4, 2014  27 degrees at 0730

“The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children. Make it Now.”  Bill Mollison in Permaculture a Designer’s Manuel. 1988

  This weighty tome 576 pages is the recommended text for Permaculture. I asked for a copy for Christmas and received 2, thank you both. I cracked it open this morning as the next step in my journey to  learn more about this topic and share with you.

The part about this Prime Directive that I was struck by was the Bold statement “Make it Now.”   How can I take responsibility for my own existence ant that of my children?  Is it even in my control? But I can live Now… in this Moment, pondering the next right step and no longer bury my head in the sand ignoring the problems of the earth and our seemingly ignorant use of it’s resources.

Today I will Make it Now.



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