Observe and Interact

January 3rd, 2014

24.5 degrees before sunrise

The sun is shining but it is very cold 27 degrees at 7am  probably the coldest day this winter, the weather people are promising colder days ahead– the cabbage is still okay but the lettuce and collards look despondent. Pippi dog agitated to make me go out for a walk and take on one of my New Year’s resolutions to observe and interact-  the first permaculture principle.

Yesterday I tried to buy daffodil bulbs (Yes I know it is late, but I had not gotten around to it earlier)  I found a bulb rack with 2 hand lettered signs one said  “50% off” the other said “Daffodils are toxic to deer and rodents” Do you think  deer will eat them if they know they are toxic… or maybe that is a selling point? Anyway, there were no daffodil bulbs left, but I bought crocus which may work for my purpose to plant around my apple trees as guild plants… and they were 50% off!



2 responses to “Observe and Interact

  1. Interesting trivia about the daffodils.


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