Who am I? and Why am I Blogging?

I am Kathy Quinn…a fifty-something age person who got dumped out of the pharmacy corporate culture sometime last year and has no desire to go back. I live in Prattville, Alabama in a wonderful house in 3 acres of woods. So at the urging of my counterculture son I traveled to Tennessee to Spiral Ridge to take a 14 day course in Permaculture. There I learned that I still have a passion for living on our planet with all its tree, plants, animals, water, soil, fungi and vistas.  I have been writing and reading about it ever since, as well as getting a little dirty in the garden. I am especially interested in Fruit trees ( I have 7) and now medicinal herbs which I think may play a more important part of healthcare in the future.

I have also gotten involved in how to live more healthfully without pharmaceuticals…that means good eating, exercise and better thinking… Which has taken me down the roads of organic food, fresh fruits and vegtables, running for fun, yoga, and prayer and meditation.

Permaculture is a study of Ecology to use in our lives…can we mimic what the natural world does to be better humans.  It is obvious in gardening, but it could be used in all aspects of our lives.

I would love to connect with fellow Alabamians or others from around the world who are interested in Permaculture, Medicinal Herbs, yoga, running, gardening and meditation.


6 responses to “Who am I? and Why am I Blogging?

  1. It’s amazing how the natural world supplies us with everything we need for a healthy existence. Congratulations on exiting the Pharmaceutical machine! Check out our forest farming blog. We travel around to meet up with forest farmers and document their techniques. Have a happy and healthy New Year!


  2. I’ve never been a blog reader but look forward to following this one, even if I am your mother! I found these initial blogs to be most interesting–sorry about the despondent veggies. We got to 27 degrees so imagine we have a lot of despondent stuff in our yard.


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